Self-love is the best love! This is the motto that fueled the development of Sugar Jar Boutique. Many may ask, why the title “Sugar Jar”? Well, ‘Jar’ is the nickname of the founder of Sugar Jar Boutique. Her unique nickname stemmed from her challenging birth process, which involved her being born with ‘Infant Jaundice’. Infant jaundice is a yellow discoloration in a newborn baby’s skin and eyes (yellow-babies).

During her photo therapy treatment process, she was placed in an incubator (a glass crib), which her family called a jar. Throughout her childhood years, she was known as the baby in the Jar or just Jar. Having Jaundice did cause her skin to be extremely sensitive, and it made it difficult for her to wear trendy, stylish clothes.

It took years for her to accept her appearance, and the ridicule from outsiders did not help much either. Her struggling journey is what inspired the development of Sugar Jar Boutique.

So that everyone can feel stylish and confident regardless of society’s stereotyping, criticisms, and judgements. Sugar Jar is a brand that encourages its shoppers to embrace their appearance, and to remember that self-love is the best love.